What APC can offer you the Photographer

What APC can offer you the Photographer

At the Ajax Photography Club we offer;

  • Friendly monthly meetings featuring informative/educational speakers delivering content on a variety of topics
  • Courses, classes and access to other events organized by the club
  • Photography workshops with professional instructors on various topics
  • Photo clinics that provide feedback from accredited judges and help you track
    your progress
  • Mentored photo walks and a platform to organize your own photo events with other members
  • Online 52-week challenge with a new subject each week
  • Tutoring sessions on a variety of topics
  • Annual contests open to all members – Christmas Fun Competition, annual
    Print Competition, and the OCCC (Ontario Council of Camera Clubs) Inter-club
  • Volunteer photo opportunities for various town events.  Some offer a small honorarium
  • An annual photography weekend field trip
  • Rotating photo exhibits of members’ printed images at the Ajax Town Hall,
    the McLean Community Centre and the Ajax Hospital
  • Newsletters that provide information on future APC events, Tips & Tricks, and informative articles by club members

The Ajax Photography Club has over 100 members. Our mission is to share and learn by having fun with photography to create outstanding images.  We strive to include a strong educational component to all of our activities.

Membership forms can be downloaded as a PDF on our website: www.ajaxphotographyclub.com Membership fee is $80/year. 

Or, Come to one of our monthly meetings $10 as a guest.  You can see more about the club first hand.

For any questions or inquiries please email us at: APCinquiries@gmail.com

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  1. Hello, my partner and I are interested in becoming members. Could you tell me if the club has a studio that can be rented out by members?


    1. Hello, I can see that I am way behind in responding. The club does not have a studio. We will sometimes rent space from the Town of Ajax and use that during our workshops and classes. cheers

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