2022 O3C Open Challenge Competition

2022 O3C Open Challenge Competition

 Please note the following important clarifications for participating in the 2022 O3C challenge

1. Entries will only be accepted by the O3C from the member club. Individuals cannot submit photos independently to this competition. The Ajax Photography Club will submit photos on your behalf. Please send your photos to  apco3centries@gmail.com

2. The Ajax Photography Club will cover the entry fees.

3. All entries must be received by May 5, 2022.

4. Each photo must meet the following identification requirements:

a. Member Club: Ajax Photography Club is AJ

b. Your membership number which are available on our club’s Google Drive.

c. Category Code followed by Sequence Number. Category Codes can be found in rules and guidelines through the attached O3C link.

Example: For a blue jay photo, the file name would be AJ298BR02 Blue Jay: Ajax Club (AJ), membership # 298, Category BR for Bird Nature, 02 for entry number 02, title

  • Nature Birds
  • Nature Animals
  • Nature Botany
  • Nature Landscapes/Geology
  • Expansive Views
  • People
  • People in Action
  • Architecture
  • Pictorial
  • Creative Vision
  • Food & Drink

Please read the O3C rules and guidelines, before submitting your photos. Good luck!

2022 Open Challenge Competition

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