Tuesday February 21st and 28th, 2023 7:00PM

Masterful Landscapes – the right gear and techniques for stunning imagery

In this two-part session, Will Prentice from PHOTONews will teach you how to create landscape images that you’ll want to print and admire. Landscape photography is about more than just about using a wide-angle lens – you need to understand the controls of your camera (starting with easy steps for beginners). Will will also talk about the gear you need and should invest in, not the gear you should buy because it’s cool and trendy – from filters to tripods, lenses to triggers to valuable and useful accessories to help you capture and create the images of your dreams. In the second part, Will will share how he creates his images and offer tips and suggestions for making those all-important prints.

Will is an award-winning portrait, fine art and commercial photographer for 30 plus years. Will Prentice is a contributor to PHOTONews magazine, host of PHOTONewsTV, owner of Captura Photography+Imaging and Technical Support/Brand Manager for Amplis Foto, Canada’s largest distributor of photographic equipment. His work has also been seen in RMG Exposed, Durham: A 4 Seasons County and Rail Ties: A Story of Love.

A valued instructor who shares with camera clubs across Canada, Will teaches photographers of all skill levels how to improve their craft – from creative photo projects to picking the right gear for their needs to flattering lighting and getting the best expressions to creating final images for screen and print. Will believes that knowledge should be shared, not hoarded. His unique style of highly detailed images with perfect tonality, wide dynamic range and stunning colour is instantly recognizable. Commercial clients rely on Will’s creative eye and mastery of lighting.

When he’s not behind the camera or in front of a class, you’ll find Will outdoors in any weather – usually on one of his bikes or enjoying time with his grandchildren.

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