Member Testimonials

I find that since joining the club, I am challenging myself more and more. The quality of photos from the club members is unbelievable and am very happy to be a part of a high caliber group of photographers.

— J. McDonnell

I am so happy that I have joined this group. The amount of information and techniques I learn on a weekly basis is amazing. The outings really kick my butt into taking more pictures and learning different settings on my camera. Love Rons classes too. 

— M. Moulsdale

APC is a great camera club and has a very informed Executive who are very concerned about the members and running a great club. It is not an easy task to run a camera club and maintain a level of enjoyment and interest and timing to please 78 members. I think the Executive do their very best to reach this objective and are successful at doing this month after month.

— C. MacDonald

One thing I would like to say is that since joining the club the quality of my photos and knowledge has gone to a new level. Thanks to all the members for the help.

— P. McDevitt

So happy that I joined the APC. It offers everything I was hoping it would. Love Ron’s classes and his teaching style. Have learned so much. Members are very friendly and we have a great mix of photographers in the group. Great outings and social events as well. Great guest speakers at the monthly meetings. Great club.

— S. Firth

Very friendly and helpful group. Impressed with the quality of the guest speakers and educational program. Like that the club strives to meet the needs of all skill levels of its members.

— J. Pater

Wonderful club. I’m always learning new things about photography, and am proud to be a member.

— A. McMullen

 I think the APC group mix is well balanced , newbies to the serious with no clear separation between the extremes as everyone there is there to learn more or share knowledge.

— R. Cousineau C.E.T

I have enjoyed the time I have been in the club. My membership has allowed me to gain confidence in my photography. I appreciate the work done by the club organizers and their willingness to share their knowledge. I will help out in any way that I can a participate in club events and outings as my schedule and interests allow. 

— G. Nie


    • Thanks Lynda. Our Monthly Members’ Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday evening of each month at The Ajax Community Centre, Located at 75 Centennial Rd in the HMS room.

      The guest speaker for our March 2015 meeting will be award winning Canadian portrait photographer Tony Hauser.

      We’d be happy to have you attend a meeting and get more info about the club.


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