What the APC Offers

What the APC Offers

What does the Ajax Photography Club have to offer?

The Ajax Photography Club has nearly 80 members and is affiliated with the O3C (Ontario Council of Camera Clubs). Our mission is to provide members, who have a wide range of photographic experience and interests, opportunities to share, learn, and develop photographic skills.  We strive to incorporate a strong education component throughout our programs. While the emphasis is not on competition, we do offer a selection of fun contests, competitions, and clinics. Your membership will provide opportunities to enjoy: 

Our theme for the Year is “Honour the Moment”.

With your membership you will get a chance to enjoy:

  • 8 Keynote Speakers: Professional Award-Winning Photographers
    • Presentations about a variety of photography topics on the 3rd and/or 4th Tuesday of the month.
    • This year we will offer a hybrid model with most presentations being online Zoom meetings. Four in-person meetings will be held at the Ajax Community Centre, 75 Centennial Avenue.
  • Scheduled Monthly Photography Courses
    • We offer a strong, new curriculum with professional instructors at a minimal cost for members. Courses are offered on Wednesday evenings.
  • Tutoring Thursdays 
    • These unstructured Meet and Greets provide informal learning opportunities with other members on the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month.  Topics include Camera Basics, Exposure, Composition, and Post- Processing. Join us to share ideas and make new photo friends.
  • 3 Photo Clinics
    • Members can submit images anonymously for review by accredited photography judges. Positive feedback and helpful suggestions are given to improve technique and composition. This is a strong learning tool and is not a competition.
  • 3 Annual Contests: 
    • Christmas Digital, O3C Inter-Club and our annual Print Competitions.
  • Photography Workshops:
    • We offer 4 to 5 workshops lasting 2 to 3 hours with professional instructors, on various topics, such as, Creative Portraiture, Macro, Exposure and Flash at discounted rates for members.  Workshop scheduling will vary according to monthly topics, and instructor availability.
  • Book Study Group:
    • Photography books are nominated, and one is chosen for the study. Each Monday participants choose how many chapters to read and assign optional homework. Participants’ images are reviewed in a group and readings are discussed.
  •    Study the Masters:
    • Each volunteer host chooses a Master Photographer with whom they connect. About 20 images are chosen and the host leads a discussion about style, composition, impact, and storytelling. Optional homework is assigned and reviewed at the beginning of the next session.
  •    Photo Discussions, Reviews and Feedback:
    • Participants submit up to 3 images for peer review and critique. Suggestions can be used to improve images for submission to clinics and contests. Live edits are demonstrated during the session.
  • Annual Autumn Photography Weekend Field trip:
    • This event is designed for members who like to follow a scheduled format over the weekend in a beautiful country resort at an affordable rate. Many aspects of photography are taught by a professional photographer.
  • Mentoring Walks
    • Learn new techniques with experienced members during nature walks at local parks and trails.  These walks are offered on Saturdays and Sundays.  Check the Meet-up site for locations.
  • Online Challenges:
    • Members are given 52 weekly challenges with a new subject each week (composition, technique, and shooting style).  Members submit 3 or 4 images based on the weekly theme.  There is also a monthly review of images.  
  • Town of Ajax Volunteer Photo Opportunities
    • Photograph various town events. Some offer an honorarium.  This is a great way for members to practice.
  • Rotating Photo Displays: 
    • Members’ printed images are displayed at various venues, including the Ajax Hospital and Town of Ajax Community Centers.
  • APC June Gala Evening: 
    • This is an end of photo season celebration of our accomplishments with photo essays, keynote speaker, final photo clinic, great food, and refreshments.
  • Club Newsletters:
    • Members receive a collection of informative articles from other members, information about future APC events, and tips and tricks in this newsletter which is published four times a year.
  • The Best Part:
    • Share and learn in a fun photography group of diverse members with various skill levels!!

Membership is only $70/year, providing new and returning members great value to learn and create.  (Fees prorated starting in January).  

Membership Application Forms can be downloaded as a PDF on our website:  

For any questions or inquiries please email us at: APCinquiries@gmail.com.  

We promote sharing creative ideas in a supportive positive atmosphere.

IMPORTANT – the Club follows government Covid19 protocols and restrictions, hence live events are subject to change.

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