Study the Masters

Study the Masters

Our next Study the Masters is on Tuesday November 7th at 7p.m. See the Meetup site for the Zoom link and join us.

Studying the works of master photographers helps us to develop our own vision and style. Understanding what other photographers do with light and shadow, space, lines and shapes, and all the other elements of composition, helps us stay inspired and sparks our creativity. It helps us to think about the end result we intend before we press the shutter release. It’s a great way to learn about photographers, their genres/styles, and photography in general.

This activity is open and valuable to all members at all experience levels.

Common themes include:

● How did the photographer create the image?
● What techniques did he or she use?
● Did the photographer violate one of the photography ‘rules’?
● Why do we think the image works or doesn’t work?

The learning is in the doing. To further deepen the learning there is a optional homework assignment, to emulate the style of the master studied, that members can do on their own.

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