2015 GTCCC Awards Night Gala & Education day

This years annual GTCCC Awards Night & Print Gala will include a sit down banquet as well as a reception at the start of the evening. Included as a special event this night, will be a Keynote Speaker right after dinner. As a APC member you can use the deep discount savings available prior to March 18, 2015. This has always been a great event which showcases the stunning work of all the GTCCC clubs… including our own. Click on the image below to register.


This is the 3rd annual GTCCC Education day that has 2 keynote speakers, 2 tutorials to choose, model & Class Shoots, refreshments and lots of fun for this exciting fully packed day. It is on a grander scale with Awards Night packaging that provides you with deep discounts on both activities if you sign up prior to March 18. Education, Entertainment, Banquet, = Fun! Click on the image below to register.


APC members can also view the events details and list of members attending on our meetup site. GTCCC Capture Education Day and InterClub Gala Apr 18, 2015

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