APC Featured Photographer of the Month – Francisco Lacuata

APC Featured Photographer of the Month – Francisco Lacuata

Looking for some photographic inspiration? Look no further than the current members of the APC. Each month a different APC member will be featured and we will provide a glimpse into their photographic life.

This month, our featured photographer is APC member, Francisco Lacuata.


Well, I considered myself as an outdoorsman considering my love of nature and outdoor activities big or small like camping, hiking but my first love of all was hunting. every year I go for any animal in season in Canada and even back home. Boasting aside, I’ve also gone for the handgun competitions else in Canada and the U.S. 

But the sad part of it was when I padlock all my gears for good. But my love of nature and outdoor life activities is still poignant and evocative is difficult to ignore or forget the haunting beauty of nature. And one day while surfing the internet I came across an advertisement for cameras which are point and shoot. when I checked it, it was too tiny but lots of people are crazy with it.

  • How would you describe your photography style?I don’t really know what my style is, but when I go for a shoot, I always set my camera on Shutter Priority cause I want quick action and my ISO is always in AUTO and the other adjustments depend on what am I shooting.
  • Which photographer is your biggest inspiration? I don’t have any particular photographer who inspired me, but I have read and seen some works of those top caliber photographer in some photo magazines that I’ve read before. But I would be honest to say that I’ve acquired some tips from them.
  • What was your first camera? One day I was in a camera store and one of the salespeople showed me a NIKON DSLR prosumers model D-70s with 5 megapixels, plastic body, and a small screen at the back with a couple wheels and buttons for some adjustments and that became my first camer.
  • What is your dream photo trip? My dream trip is to travel around the world to exotic places with my lenses and camera.

You can view more of Francisco’s work on our APC Meetup site

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