APC OCTOBER MEETING (Online) – Canon Ambassador Jacquie Matechuk

APC OCTOBER MEETING (Online) – Canon Ambassador Jacquie Matechuk

Canadian Wildlife


When it comes to creating impactful wildlife imagery, it’s all about being ready for that pivotal moment! Join us for an evening with Canon Ambassador, Jacquie Matechuk as she shares some of the highlights and challenges of working with the unpredictable. From tips and tricks to leverage the technology in your hands, to setting yourself up for success in the field. Whether you’re photographing bears in the pristine tundra of Alaska or birds down the street at your local park, the techniques & settings to create storytelling impact are within reach. Tonight, will be about tapping into your inspiration and empowering you to get the most from every opportunity.


Starting her journey behind the lens on the circuit of the Canadian Superbike Series, Jacquie has always found inspiration in the challenge of capturing the unpredictable. Reveling in the relentless task of catching ‘the moment’ that defines the very essence of her subject. Whether she’s photographing epic sceneries, iconic architecture, action wildlife or extreme sports, the goal remains the same. Put her audience in the moment, set their minds free and leave their hearts full.
Continuing with her travels and genres-a-plenty, Jacquie now looks to share her passion for photographic excellence with others. To help her fellow creatives nurture their inspiration while leveraging the intelligence of the technology in their hands. From techniques and preparation to purpose-driven settings and breaking down the functionality that’s at your fingertips. Jacquie is always eager to share her experience and knowledge, inspiring others to enjoy life behind the lens!

Matechuk_1-Arctic Fox
Matechuk_4-Silver Fox
Matechuk_5-Biting Bears
Matechuk_7-Great Grey

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