2015 GTCCC Inter-Club Competition

2015 GTCCC Inter-Club Competition


To all active APC members, the 2015 GTCCC Inter-Club Competition is now open for image submission. You can RSVP for the contest at our meetup site. The deadline for entries is Wednesday January 21, 2015 at 12:00AM. All entries call be emailed to Bob Wilson at pixelbobapc@gmail [dot] com.

The competition has five (5) categories: Nature Projection, Natural Things Projection, Pictorial Projection, Colour Prints, and Monochrome Prints. The total number of entries for each entrant is ten images (maximum of two in each category), regardless of the number of clubs the entrant submits images with.

The entry fee is $2 per image with a maximum entry fee of $16.00 for 10 images. All images are eligible for Individual Awards in category. Additionally, individual image scores are used to determine Club Awards in each category and the Freedman Trophy for the top club in the competition and Photographer of the Year. Submission of printed entries can be arranged with Bob. We encourage members use previous contests, meetup outings and 52 week challenges as source images.

For a complete copy of the competition rules, please visit the GTCCC website: 2015 GTCCC Inter-Club Competition Rules

Nature Projection

Nature Photography depicts Nature subjects, such as animals, birds, plants, geology and phenomena not produced by man. Evidence of the “hand of man” and man’s specialized environment is to be avoided. The accurate record of the subject is the primary objective. Photographs of cultivated plants, domesticated and/or obviously controlled specimens, mounted specimens and museum groups are ineligible. Zoo and game farm specimens, butterfly conservatory specimens etc. are acceptable if there is no visible evidence of the hand of man in the photograph.

Natural Things Projection

Natural Things depicts all natural subject matter and includes domestic flora and fauna subjects including domestic and zoological animals and birds, flowers, and geographical elements, and permits manipulation of an image which retains the original natural things subject matter appearance. Note that landscapes, seascapes, sunrise/sunsets etc., containing a small amount of the INANIMATE hand of man are considered natural things for this competition. The “Inanimate Hand of Man” is permitted in all Natural Things images.

Images which are heavily manipulated and render the image as a creative image (the original natural thing subject matter is no longer recognisable) must be entered in Pictorial. Nature Images which include the ANIMATE Hand of Man must be entered in the Pictorial category.

Pictorial Projection

There is no subject/context limitation. Note that the entrant must enter images which qualify as “Nature” in the Nature Images category. Pictorial Images may be digitally altered, however all digital manipulation must be done by the entrant.

Colour Prints

There is no subject/context limitation. Both entrant-made and commercially-made prints are eligible. However, all digital manipulation must be done by the entrant.

Monochrome Prints

There is no subject/context limitation. Prints may be toned, hand tinted, or coloured, but with only a single colour. A monochrome print is defined as having no more than one colour, but it may be any single colour. Both entrant-made and commercially-made prints are eligible. However, all digital manipulation must be done by the entrant.

If you have any further questions, please contact Bob Wilson at pixelbobapc@gmail [dot] com or through our Meetup Site.


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