APC Featured Photographer of the Month – Richard Adams

APC Featured Photographer of the Month – Richard Adams

Looking for some photographic inspiration? Well, look no further than the current members of the Ajax Photography Club. Each month a different APC member will be featured and we will provide a glimpse into their photographic life.

This month, the featured photographer is APC member, Richard Adams.


After completing a thirty-five year career with Toronto Paramedic Services, I am now focused on photography and image creation.

Nature, architecture, and big things are subjects that hold a special fascination. I have found timelapse photography to be particularly entertaining. The camera captures moments, and the beauty of time reveals itself when processed into a movie. I love the digital darkroom that can keep up with my thoughts. I prefer to think the technology has caught up and I’m not slowing down.

  • How would you describe your photographic style?
    Regardless of the genre, my style is to fill the canvas, the bigger the better. I am trying a little of everything. My images will get stronger as I focus on the style I like the most.
  • Which photographer is your biggest inspiration?
    I was introduced to Canadian Photographer Fred Herzog with a book given to me by my Mother. His images make me think of time, the moments long past but still part of our consciousness. I hope today’s images will be viewed just as nostalgically as his in forty or fifty years. I also follow contemporaries like Jimmy McIntyre, Trey Ratcliff, Mey Belin, and Gunther Wegner.
  • What was your first camera?
    purchased a Canon FTb in 1970. The rest, as they say, is history.
  • What is your dream photo trip?
    Heading out to see Canada and the USA with a recreational vehicle.
Thank you to the Ajax Photography Club for providing so many wonderful Meetups. This club is a great way to explore numerous disciplines and meet so many talented photographers.
Social media is a fascinating place to meet people and look at their work. I have a blog located at; http://bit.ly/Richard-Adams Please follow me at any of my social sites, I look forward to seeing you there.

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