Upcoming APC Workshops and classes – January 2019

Upcoming APC Workshops and classes – January 2019

The APC continues to provide great educational and creative workshops/classes to take your photography to the next level. The following is a list of upcoming classes available to our APC members.

For more info or to RSVP, please click visit the corresponding links below. Note: All links will direct you to our members only Meetup site. For more information about becoming a member, please visit our membership page.

Winter Photography & Shooting Difficult Scenes

TUESDAY, January 8th, 2019 – 6:45 PM



We will spend time shooting low light, motion, backlight situations in class.

We will spend some time chatting about our images recalled on the back of the camera.

Bring Camera, Tripod, Shutter Release, Extra Batteries, Pen and Paper

All members are welcome, let’s have fun with photography
There will be handouts

Paypal via meetup, (Cheque & Cash accepted at door, please contact Ron if you plan to attend, so you can be added to the attendance list)

Please bring questions, hand-outs will be provided.

Workshop: Capture Intent 4_Contrast: It’s Not a Black and White Issue

WEDNESDAY, January 9th, 2019 – 6:45 PM

Chartwell Parkway 1645 Pickering Parkway · Pickering, ON


Most of us think of contrast as that slider in Lightroom that we tweak each time. But contrast takes on many forms, including colour, mood, motion, size, texture, etc. Learn how to effectively include it in your photographs.

This is the fourth session in a series of workshops that will teach you how to see as a photographer. Let’s set the camera aside for a few evenings and spend time just looking at great images. We’ll start to understand the compositional elements that are at the foundation of these great images. We’ll talk about what works and what doesn’t work. We’ll share our impressions. We’ll start to internalize these concepts so that the next time you are out with your camera (or your cellphone), you’ll be able to quickly evaluate a scene for its potential. You’ll also have some ideas at your disposal for making it even better.

We’ll look at a series of images pre-selected to illustrate a specific compositional element – in this session, it will be contrast. Some images will be “masterpieces” while others will be less so. We’ll talk about why. Healthy debate is what works here, so be prepared to talk it up.

There are currently 4 different sessions. Sign up for all or for as many as you like. We will also have a summary session at the end and maybe even a mentored shoot to go out and look for some of these themes, depending on your interest.

Levels: Novice/ Intermediate/ Advanced, the workshop is applicable for all levels. Kathie Waterhouse, Jim Linton, and Nina Kirienko will lead this session. No specific equipment is needed.


Travel Photography Tips & Tricks

TUESDAY, January 15th, 2019 – 6:45 PM


Travel Photography Tips & Tricks:

Portrait Workshop with Will Prentice

SATURDAY, January 19th, 2019 – 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Ajax Library, Main Branch in the Rotary – Room A

55 Harwood Avenue S. Ajax, On · Ajax, ON


Portrait Workshop with award-winning portrait photographer Will Prentice

Title: Sculpture and Light: Flattering the Human Form

with Body Builder Models Tammy and Irwin

What you will Learn:
* Not all light is equal. This workshop explores hard and soft light and how to choose and use the right modifiers to create the best light to flatter the human body.
* Two Lighting Set-ups – High-Key and Low-Key
* Posing and Communicating with Models
* Using Strobe and Studio Lighting and Set-ups
* Exposure and Focusing Techniques

What you will Achieve:
* Participants will learn how to use the tools they have in the studio to create more flattering images by manipulating shadow, more than light. * Some great portrait and body images that you can use for portfolio or contests

Skill Level:
* For all APC members comfortable with their camera functions
* Some studio photography experience helps. Intermediate to advanced techniques will be used.

Equipment Needed:
DSLR or Mirrorless with a hotshoe flash adapter, fresh batteries, memory cards, pen and paper.

All Participants will also receive a $25.00 gift coupon from Amplis Camera and Lighting.

Post-Processing Travel Images with Lightroom and Luminar

TUESDAY, January 29th, 2019 – 6:45 PM



Post-Processing Travel Images Using Lightroom and Luminar

With Adobe Lightroom:
* Importing and Organizing in Library
* Editing in the Develop Mode
* Using Tools such as the Gradient Tool for Landscapes
* Cropping for Export: for Digital and for Print

With Luminar 3
*Show the new Library
* Setting up Workspace
* Using Landscape Presets
* Looking at General Editing Functions
* Exporting images.

* Discuss Composition for Landscapes, Architecture, Events.

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  1. Hello there.
    My name is Harun Khan.
    I am an amateur photographer. I want to be a member of Ajax Photography Club. Please let me know how do I join as a member and how do i pay the membership subscription. Also please let me know how much is the annual subscription.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.

    Harun Khan

    1. Hello Harun,

      Thank you for your interest in the Ajax Photography Club. We do encourage you to attend one of our monthly meetings to learn more about our great club. Our next meeting is on January 22th at 7 PM at The Ajax Community Centre (HMS Room). Please note there is a $10 guest fee that goes towards your membership if you join.

      The annual membership fee is currently $80 per season, which runs from September to June. All registrations must be done in person. Someone from our welcome group will be happy to assist you.

      If you do have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

      From everyone on the executive team at The Ajax Photography Club, we hope to welcome you to our club very soon

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