Tuesday Jan 18, 2022 Part 1 7pm est

Tuesday Jan 25, 2022 Part 2 7 pm est


Wayne Simpson is a professional photographer based in Elora, ON. Determined to tell meaningful stories through portraiture, Wayne prides himself on being true to his subjects as he combines art and compassion together as one. To see more of Wayne’s work, go to www.waynesimpsonphotography.com 

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/waynesimpsonphotography 

Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/waynesimpsonphoto/.

Wayne’s first book of portraiture can be purchased locally at https://magicpebble.ca/?searchtype=keyword&qs=resilient+wayne+simpson&q=h.tviewer&using_sb=status&qsb=keyword or at most major book stores or online retailers.

Portraits of Resilience
Many people wear a lifetime of experiences on their face, yet who that person is and what they have experienced often remains a mystery. In this talk, the audience will encounter a collection of portraits accompanied by individual stories of inspiration, tragedy, and humanitarianism. The overall narrative is an emotional journey in which the audience will inevitably see pieces of themselves in the stories of some truly remarkable individuals. With compassion and respect, Wayne Simpson has befriended individuals and discovered some truly remarkable people with profound stories we can all learn from. Intertwined with each story is the sub-narrative of the photographer learning who he is as each connection is forged. Always compelling, and at times haunting, Simpson’s portraits keep storytelling at the forefront. The atmosphere and mood are often crafted with multiple studio lights on location. Many of Simpson’s portraits are graced with intricate details – adding additional layers of complexity to the portrait and in turn making each portrait a visual story on its own.

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