Part 1 – Tuesday March 22nd, 2022

Part 2 – Tuesday March 29th, 2022

Storytelling through imagery, finding inspiration in your own backyard

I’m a self-taught photographer. I started with film in 1990 and transitioned to digital in 2006. For over 30 years, photography has been my hobby, diversion, outlet, expression, and profession.

Originally, I specialized in sports action and dance photography. I’ve photographed several sports at various levels from youth to elite and I’ve had the privilege of photographing recitals for two of Moncton’s youth dance companies. I’ve also provided editorial services for media and government. Lately, my efforts have concentrated almost exclusively on landscapes.

I have taught introductory photography since 2011.

I am the recipient of both an artistic residency and an arts grant. Several of my prints have been accepted into juried exhibitions.

I live in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, where I continue to hone both my craft and my vision.

The presentation will be broken down into two parts.

Part one will examine the basics of action photography, including an overview of cameras, lenses, and camera settings, some tips for getting better action shots, and looking beyond the action to create photo stories. The discussion will use examples from sports and dance photography but many of the techniques can be applied to other types and genres.

Part two will be an introduction to digital asset management, with tips on how to organize photos and create searchable photo libraries

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