Upcoming APC workshops and classes

Upcoming APC workshops and classes

The APC continues to provided great educational and creative workshops/events to take your photography to the next level. The following is a list of upcoming classes available to our APC members.

For more info or to RSVP, please click visit the corresponding links below. All links will direct you to our members only Meetup site .

APC Class: Creative Landscape Photography with Michelle


Rotary Park Pavilion
177 Lake Driveway West, Ajax, ON



This introductory course is designed to improve your skills as a landscape photographer.


This course will explore the world of landscape photography. We will review recommended gear and camera settings to improve our landscape images. We will start with reviewing some basic techniques and then discuss how to handle some special landscape challenges. 


• Camera gear for the landscape photographer
• Common camera settings
• How to choose a location
• Using a polarizing filter
• Shooting panoramas
• Using a neutral density filter
• Composition tips
• Bracketing for increased tonal range
• Special considerations
o Waterfalls
o Mountains
o Snow
o Beach
o Lakes
o Sunny day
o Cloudy day


•  Camera Basics: Participants should be comfortable with the functions of the camera.

• Exposure &  Composition : Participants should have basic knowledge of the Exposure Triangle and Landscape Composition

• EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Camera (DSLR, Mirrorless or Point and Shoot), Tripod, Shutter Release (if not you can use your 2sec self timer), Filters (Circular Polarizer or Graduated optional), Fresh Batteries and Memory Cards.

• With time permitting we will spend more time on Composition, Trouble shooting, Lenses,  Where to focus?  Hyper-focal distance, Tips and Tricks

APC Class: Creative Landscape HDR & Panoramic Photography Capture & Post

TUESDAY OCTOBER 10TH, 2017 – 6:45 PM

Audley Recreation Centre 
1955 Audley Rd, Ajax, ON, Pickering, ON


Learning How to Capture and Create Basic HDR and Panoramic Landscapes:


Objective: To understand how to expose and create interesting and colourful landscape images,  in camera and in the digital darkroom using Lightroom.

Outline:  Concept, Capture and Create

• Understanding the principles and concepts of High Dynamic Range and Panoramic imaging

• Learning to set and take Bracketing images with Camera

• Learning to expose multiple images in a horizontal plane (and vertical) using a tripod

• Importing images into Lightroom

• Using Lightroom to compile bracketed images into HDR composite images

• Using Lightroom to combine multi-planar imagines into one stitched panoramic image

• Editing these images in Lightroom, ( Photomatix & Aurora HDR)

• Looking at Masters,  Trey Radcliffe – HDR, Lois Conner – panoramic photos,   Ansel Adams,  and Edward Weston

Suggested Prerequisites: Creative Landscape Class, Comfortable with using camera features such as bracketing, Basic Composition, General knowledge of Lightroom

Equipment:  Camera (DSLR, Mirrorless, Point and Shoot)  Tripod, Shutter Release, Memory Cards and fresh Batteries,  Pen and Paper,  Laptops if you have with Lightroom installed

You can download a 30 day trail version of Lightroom from Adobe.com.

We will go for a short walk and practice a few HDR shots, and Panoramic captures, for those that do not have laptops are welcome to follow along with others and take notes.

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