APC Featured Photographer of the Month – Bryan Vandenburg

APC Featured Photographer of the Month – Bryan Vandenburg

Looking for some photographic inspiration? Look no further then the current members of the APC. Each month a different APC member will be featured and we will provide a glimpse into their photographic life.

This month, our featured photographer is APC member, Bryan Vandenburg.


I was 12 years old when I bought a raffle ticket from a school mate and won a camera. That was the beginning of my interest in and love of photography. I remembered spending hours in the darkroom, it was amazing watching the gradual development of an image on photo paper as it was immersed in developer. Years later, after many film camera upgrades, digital cameras arrived and immediately spoiled all the darkroom fun. Nevertheless, I have no regrets. It was the switch to digital that made it easy for me to be the photographer for the International Cricket Council-Americas (ICC) for over twenty years. I traveled to Fort Lauderdale, Central & South America, and most of the Caribbean Islands dozens of times to shoot cricket tournaments for ICC. Traveling with about seventy pounds of photo gear & accessories, and working for sixteen hours daily, are no easy tasks but I do get lucky once in a while. Last summer (2017) the tournaments were held in Ontario, forty-five minutes from my home.

  • How would you describe your photography style?
    I do not have a dominant photographic style. I normally shoot the good, the bad and the beautiful, anything that is challenging:- things that are large and things that are small, subjects that move very fast and subjects that cannot move at all – I enjoy shooting sports and sports celebrities. I do not like street photography and taking pictures in the cold. (For me, “cold” is anything below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.)
  • Which photographer is your biggest inspiration?
    No “one” photographer inspires me. I admire and (while a student of New York Institute of Photography) had to study the works of many famous photographers. In addition, the portrait work of Annie Leibovitz; the Pulitzer Prize winners Nick Ut and Kevin Carter for their work as photo journalists are all very interesting. However, I also admire the work of our very own Angela McMullen and Michael Nelson.
  • How long have you been interested in photography?
    I became interested in photography when I was twelve years old.
  • What was your first camera?
    My first camera was an Instamatic (film).
  • What  is  your  dream  photo  trip?
    My dream photography trip is an aerial photo shoot of the National Parks in South Africa.

You can view some of Bryan’s work on our Meetup site.

*Our Featured Photographer post will return in October. Enjoy your summer!

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